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Kevin Vandeyck Ph.D.(9th Dan)

Hanshi (Master) Kevin is the primary instructor for the Dojo.  A Certified Instructor Trainer in Use of Force and Police Defensive Tactics, he has been studying Martial Arts for over 40 years and is the highest ranked master of the Shin Tengu-Ryu  outside of Japan.  He also holds black belt rankings in Judo, Kendo and Karate.

Kevin adds his real life experience from working for over 20 years in Law Enforcement and as an International Police and Security Trainer to the applications of techniques along with the legalities of the tactics.

In addition to teaching Law Enforcement, Martial Arts and working as a Life Coach, Kevin is an author who has published several books. 

Click a link below for more information


Law Enforcement Training Website

Life Coaching Website


Troy Reid (5th Dan)

Renshi (Master) Troy had studied for over 25 years and held multiple black belts in Karate, Iaido, Kobudo and Jodo before he began his true journey into the diverse world of the Shin Tengu-Ryu.  He brings a unique view of other arts with him into his teachings


Lisa Marsan (4th Dan)

Sensei (Teacher) Lisa had studied for over 15 years and held multiple black belts in Karate, Jodo, Kobudo and Iaido before she began her path in the Shin Tengu-Ryu.  In her job she is a teacher and that experience translates into an exceptional ability to convey information to students.  Lisa is also a certified Use of Force Instructor


Steve (2nd Dan)

Sempai (Junior Instructor) Steve was one of the original students of Kage Dojo Toronto, and was the first student to earn his black belt.  After a 10 year hiatus, Steve returned to training and has shown his skills and knowledge are as strong as ever.

 Steve is also a certified Use of Force Instructor, Kettle Bell Instructor and Personal Trainer


Terry (1st Dan)

Sempai (Junior Instructor) Terry began his path in the Shin Tengu-Ryu, and grew under the careful guidance of Hanshi and Sensei Lisa.  While currently on hiatus due to an injury at work, Terry often drops in to offer his insight into training.


Devroy (1st kyu - Brown Belt)

Christina (8th kyu - Purple Belt)

Adrianna (8th kyu - Purple Belt)

Marta (9th kyu - Purple Belt)

Warren (9th kyu - Purple Belt)


Alex is a professional stick fighter as well as a use of force instructor.  He has extensive experience in Filipino Martial Arts and will drop by to teach some skills to the class, as well as learn new skills. 

You can see him in action in this VIDEO. 


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