Direct Teachings from Takamatsu

(33rd Grandmaster of Togakure-Ryu Ninjutsu)

No one possesses the knowledge concerning the events of tomorrow. This means that we do not know when our life will cease. However, you should never be surprised by any kind of happening. Whether a change in the cosmic process occurs, a cutting action is attempted by an opponent or natural catastrophes take place you should never feel such a thing as surprise (This is the spirit of Banpenfugyo. Banpen means 'change' and fugyo ' never surprised'). What one should have in mind first of all, is caring for one's own life; this is common sense. Health, both physical and spiritual, is needed in order to prevent accidents. NINJUTSU is not only the art of INVISIBILITY. The wide ranged of techniques was named only when a very long time had passed. The origin goes back to the pre-history period of Japan when it was just known as 'The Theory of the Gods'. The KUKI family kept registers of this under the title Kukishin ryu happo biken jutsu and they are part of the most advanced teachings of the Yagyu ryu (the Yagyu ryu happo biken jutsu). Within the IGA ryu it is also possible to find the Happo Biken Jutsu. It is the essence of ninjutsu. The martial arts contribute to society in that its original intention is the protection of country, society, family and oneself. There were many who changed this because they believed that the sword was only a tool to cut people down. This leads to frustration. "God and the Budo man never take lives" is an old saying. Within the martial arts world there are also sayings: "Do not deliver the first blow; keep the sword in the scabbard. Win without the loss of blood." Though we can hear these principles from almost all the masters, the ninja were and are the only ones taking them to heart. Anyway, the most important point is to keep the "Essence of a True Heart!"